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I'm an interaction designer from Seattle, Washington. I'm currently a student at the University of Washington in Seattle. I will be graduating with a Bachelor's of Design in Interaction Design in the Spring of 2012, at which point I will start working at Microsoft at their Redmond campus (just a bus ride away).


The world is nearly infinitely filled with interactions between individuals and their environments. Some of these individuals have their hand in how these interactions play out, whether they will be comfortable, easy, fast, secure, enjoyable — or not. These individuals are called designers.

It is our collective role, as designers, to change these interactions for the better. We have a lot of control over the future of humankind, and it's necessary for us to be aware of this control, and use it to better our shared environment. I'm excited to see what's next in the world. The future is going to be really interesting, and I want to be have my hand in it.


This is the portal to some documentation of the projects that I've worked on in the past (excluding projects covered by those pesky Non-Disclosure Agreements).


UW Funding: Interactive Info-Graphic
An interactive flash-animation that helps students better understand higher education funding at the University of Washington.

Social Beer Drinking: Smart Table
A prototype of a table that responds and makes decisions regarding the beer being consumed by everyone seated at it.

Student Spotlight Website
A unique interaction for a website that helps students connect with their university as well as manage their time and projects.

eVote Wahlautomat
A touch-screen prototype of a machine used to cast a vote during the Bundestagswahl in Germany.

MOBI: Responsible Mobility
An integrated automotive ranked system to encourage and embarass drivers to motivate responsibility.

Common Ground Application
A multi-platform application that brings members of a community together and distributes information based on context.

Seattle Parking Meter
A redesign of the existing parking meters in Seattle to make them more controllable, intuitive, and ergonomic.

360 Companion Hovering Camera
A redesign of the disposable camera for the future.

3D Modeling
Some renderings of 3D models I've worked on in the past for projects or just for fun.


An online or downloadable version of my résumé — yeah this is what you came here for.

View the résumé

Download the pdf (70 KB)


I just got back from studying abroad in Germany. The city is called Schwäbisch Gmünd (it's in the South; west of Munich), and the school is called Hochschule für Gestaltung (University of Design).

I'm keeping a log of my experiences so that I don't have to write 10 emails a week to family and friends. You can find pictures and descriptions of my experiences in Germany by going here.

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