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Welcome to the portfolio website of designer Ben Smith. If you have any questions send me some mail.


  1. Social Beer Table
  2. Student Spotlight Website
  3. UW Info-graphic
  4. Common Ground Application
  5. Movie Browser
  6. Parking Meter
  7. 360 Companion
  8. FTF Design Manifesto
  9. 3D Modeling
  10. Instructional Diagrams

Other stuff

  1. Résumé [pdf]
  2. Travel Blog

A little about me...

Hey, how's it going?

My name is Ben Smith. Welcome to my online portfolio. I am currently a student at the University of Washington in Seattle. I will be graduating with a BFA in Interaction Design in the Spring of 2012.

View my résumé (online or in a .pdf) or check out one of the projects I've worked on.

Why I design

The world is nearly infinitely filled with interactions between individuals and their environments. Some of these individuals have their hand in how these interactions play out, whether they will be comfortable, easy, fast, secure, enjoyable—or not. These individuals are called designers.

It is our collective role, as designers, to change these interactions for the better. We have a lot of control over the future of humankind, and it's necessary for us to be aware of this control, and use it to better our shared environment. I'm excited to see what's next in the world. The future is going to be really interesting, and I want to be a part of it.

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